persuades, persuading, persuaded
1) VERB If you persuade someone to do something, you cause them to do it by giving them good reasons for doing it.

[V n to-inf] My husband persuaded me to come...

[V n to-inf] We're trying to persuade manufacturers to sell them here...

[V n to-inf] They were eventually persuaded by the police to give themselves up. [Also V n into n/-ing, V n]

Derived words:
persuader plural N-COUNT

All great persuaders and salesmen are the same.

2) VERB If something persuades someone to take a particular course of action, it causes them to take that course of action because it is a good reason for doing so.

[V n to-inf] The Conservative Party's victory in April's general election persuaded him to run for President again...

[V n to-inf] It was the lack of privacy that eventually persuaded us to move after Ben was born.

3) VERB If you persuade someone that something is true, you say things that eventually make them believe that it is true.

[V n that] I've persuaded Mrs Tennant that it's time she retired...

[V n that] We had managed to persuade them that it was worth working with us...

[V n of n] Derek persuaded me of the feasibility of the idea.

Derived words:
persuaded ADJ-GRADED v-link ADJ, ADJ of n, ADJ that

He is not persuaded of the need for electoral reform...

I remain persuaded that the decisions we made last year were broadly right.

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